Hamish Montgomery and the Cursed Claymore

Hamish Montgomery and the Cursed Claymore

Strange things are happening at Drumtipperty Castle… Ghostly things…

Heir to one of the oldest castles in Scotland, Hamish lives with his father, Laird Montgomery, and pony-sized dog Gorse. His mother mysteriously disappeared five years ago.

The castle is falling apart. And with no cash to fix it, the Laird concocts a series of money-making plans.

When each and every one fails (mostly because of Hamish), it’s up to the ten-year-old to save their ancient family seat.

Finding the long-lost Montgomery Claymore would solve EVERYTHING. But not only is the Scottish sword missing, it’s cursed, too.

And while the castle’s cellar could hold the secret to uncovering it, a dark secret looms inside.